Intelligent and autonomous equipments


Your objects work for you: gain time and money

Don't bother about technology, CommonSense makes the bridge between your heterogenous objects. Just focus on your scenarios. Speed up your decisions and actions.


Avoid manual errors and inefficiencies

Automate equipments garanties that the actions are done instantly and perfectly. Also, automate to avoid dowwtime, for example by changing parameters such as speed.

Cost effective

Analyze your processes

All data is stored, so you know the exact output of a given process including its paramaters at any given time. With those tools, you can improve your Business Process Management (BPM).

Business usages

Incident management and maintenance

Maximize equipment's uptime and enhance your service level. Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your products and services. In addition, you can better allocate resources.

Machine learning

L'utilisation de l'appareil est enregistrée et permet l'autorégulation.

Key features

Centralized view

Automation calendar

In a simple way automate your equipments. Example: public lighting.


Condition based automation: create automation scenarios based on heterogenous equipments and networks.

You can generate scenarios based on unique or multiple conditions and actions:

  • Value/threshold or a combination of elements
  • User interaction (of any kind)
    Examples: shor range protocols (NFC, RFID), motion...

Scenarios can involve all of your equipments and not only those of a particular manufacturer or telecom network.


Your equipments are completely self-regulated according to complex interactions.

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